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Driver Training

Performance Driving Australia offer a range of post license driver training 


Defensive Driving

Enhance Your Road Safety: 

Explore our Corporate Defensive Driver Training Program

Performance Driving Australia Defensive Driving Programs are educational, safe and fun!

Programs are held Australia wide and delivered by our team of friendly and experienced trainers.

Our clients include many Government Departments, Corporate Organisations and Mining/Industry drivers who utilise a vehicle as part of their day to day job.

Course content is relative, interesting and delivered in a flexible format while aligning with industry best practices and fulfilling Work Health and Safety (WHS) requirements.

By enrolling in a Defensive Driver Training course, not only can companies demonstrate compliance, but they can also cultivate responsible and safer drivers.

Our courses can be customised to cover additional topics such as gravel driving, trailer towing, and four-wheel drive operations. We cater to a diverse range of clients, including government departments, corporations, mining companies, and small businesses.

During theory sessions, participants engage in interactive discussions, sharing experiences and stories. Our PowerPoint presentations are short and sweet.

We utilise engaging teaching methods to make the theory component interesting, relevant, and enjoyable.

Practical training takes place in controlled environments where drivers can explore vehicle responses in various emergency situations, emphasiding the importance of emergency braking.

Group Bookings click here: 

Individual Bookings are welcome and can be slotted into existing programs we have running 

Onlinr Driver Training

Online driving programs, designed with both personal and corporate drivers in mind.


Whether you're behind the wheel of your own vehicle or managing a corporate fleet, our program is tailored to suit your needs. Dive into interactive modules and virtual simulations that fit seamlessly into your busy schedule, allowing you to enhance your driving skills and safety awareness at your own pace. From trip planning to vehicle maintenance,


We cover all the essentials to keep you safe on the road. Explore safety systems like ABS and airbags, and gain valuable insights into managing common crash scenarios with confidence. Plus, our program equips you with defensive driving tips and advanced techniques to navigate any situation on the road. Join us on this journey towards safer, more confident driving, whether you're driving for work or for personal errands. 

Check it out for just $99 

Available Programs

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